Land Tours

Land Tours

Visiting Athens, one of the most historical cities in the world, with the so many monuments, museums and sites related to the ancient Greek gods, we are sure that except for being very excited about it, you also need our assistance to help you make the most of your time during your stay. But it's not only the visit of Athens that will help you complete the puzzle of your experience in Greece, therefore giving us the number of days that you have at your disposal, we will do our best to design the perfect private tour for you inside Athens, as well as driving around the Greek mainland and the Peloponnese, off the beaten track.

Private Tours in Athens

Private Tours in Athens

No matter how many guide books or blogs about Athens you may have read, noone can present the history, the vibe and the "secret corners" of this city better than a local. Traveling is not only about getting to a place, but also experiencing it to the max. Part of the real experience has to be learning about the history, visiting the remaining parts of ancient sites, but also discovering "holes on the wall" where the locals shop or dine, and learning as much as possible about the current way of living. Our private tours are focusing on offering you an experience that includes all the above, as well as the chance to mingle with local people and learn first hand the famous Greek hospitality. By the way, the Greek word is "filoxenia" (filos + xenos = friend + stranger) that means friend of "strangers", visitors from other parts of the world, and the protector god of filoxenia/hospitality was Zeus himself.

Private Tours from Athens

Private Tours from Athens

Getting to visit Athens and having extra days at your disposal, for most of you it will be a once in a lifetime experience to get to explore more of this beautiful country. Greece might be a small country on the maps, but there are so many things to see and explore, not only on the Peloponnese but also on the Greek mainland, such as archaeological sites and museums, traditional villages, religious place of interests, as well as unique landscapes formed by mountains, rivers and lakes. Let us design for you the perfect experience suiting your interests and preferences, off the beaten track. We can provide you with your private travel planning, including private transportation, private guided tours by excellent professionals, as well as arrangements for accommodation and dining at the most reputable hotels and restaurants throughout Greece. Having us design your tour, you are never on your own!

Joined Tours from Athens

Joined Tours from Athens

If you spend days in Athens, and would like to visit and explore other highlights in the Greek mainland and the Peloponnese, our organized multi-day land tours are the ideal cost-effective way to see more of this beautiful country. Explore and learn many things about the rich history of the area of Argolis, famous for the sanctuary of Asclepius and the theater of Epidaurus, as well as the Mycenean Citadel, Ancient Olympia that is the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Delphi, the navel of the earth where the Oracle predicted the future in ancient times, but also visit one of the most amazing places in Greece, the rock formation of Meteora with a large community of monasteries.

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Niki's knowledge of the history there as well as how she related it to all of us was a perfect balance!
Niki knows her stuff, and she comes across as an intelligent and credible source of verified information. My wife and I used her as our group tour guide in Olympia and then again in Athens, and we were very pleased.
I definitely recommend other cruisers to book independently through Niki Vlachou.