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Once in Olympia, the highlights to visit are the Archeological Museum also called the New Museum and the Archeological site. There is also the museum of the History of the Olympic Games also called the Old Museum and the privately owned museum of ancient Greek technology of Archimedes, which I suggest that you explore, if you have time, on your own. The opening hours of both these museums are subject to continues changes and you can contact us, giving us the date of your visit, so that we provide you with the exact opening hours.

In the archeological site, among several other remains of important buildings, you will see the gymnasium and the palaestra, the round Philipeion, the workshop of Phidias where the gold and ivory statue of Zeus was built, the temples of Zeus and Hera, the altar where the Olympic torch is being lit in the modern days and the ancient Olympic stadium.

In the archeological museum are housed all finds that were excavated from the archeological site. Bronze and clay offerings (tripods and figurines), armor, vases, the tools and cup from Phidias's workshop, the gorgeous Hermes by Praxiteles, the Nike by Paeonios and the very impressive and very well preserved classical statues from the pediments of the temple of Zeus, etc.

For the guided visit of the site and the archeological museum you will need approximately 2,5 hours and then you can spend more time on your own to take pictures.

Alternatively, you could visit the archeological museum on your own after you enjoy the guided tour of the archeological site with your guide, for which you will need approximately 1,5 hour.

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  • Jeanne B

    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    We toured Ancient Olympia and the museum April 26, 2016. We had rented a car, so we were able to meet Giorgina near the ticket booth, just as detailed in the helpful emails prior to our tour. Niki and her assistants are very organized and thorough to be sure everything is in order prior to tour and emails worked very well through this process. We were happy to have a private tour and were able to see everything we wanted with great explanations of the deep history of the area. Giorgina was extremely knowledgeable and even gave us helpful tips for the next day we spent at the Mystra's just outside of Sparta, and a few must see spots in Sparta.

    from St. Louis, MO, USA
  • Shannon Jager

    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Ioanna Papakosta was a fantastic guide for our tour of Ancient Olympia on September 29 (2016). Her extensive knowledge of the area and of the history of the Olympic games was amazing. She was friendly, helpful in all ways, and able to answer all our questions. What a beautiful area -- we definitely must come back! Thank you so much.:D

    from San Diego, CA, USA
  • Krishna

    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    In April 2016, I went with my family to Olympia, Greece to see the lighting of the Olympic Torch ceremony.
    For this trip I contacted Niki Vlachou of Olympia Tours. Niki arranged a very comfortable Taxi (for transportation) from Athens International Airport to Hotel, in Athens downtown, and round trip from Athens to Olympia and back with Christos who spoke fluent English.
    Christos is a very polite gentleman and very knowledgeable in Greek History. During our journey Christos explained some important features of the land and its history. Instead of taking us directly to the hotel (as most taxi drives do), he drove around the city of Athens, showing the important Monuments of the city and explaining their history.
    While travelling from Athens to Olympia, Christos showed some ancient sites and explained the significance of each site with lot of patience. Though it was about 4 hours drive we enjoyed every minute of the journey. We were very pleased with his nature and enjoyed his company.
    Mrs. Niki Vlachou was our guide in the town Olympia, for "The Archaeological Museum of Olympia and The Archaeological Site”. Mrs. Niki Vlachou explained in detail about the history of the museum and about the artifacts displayed in the museum.
    While walking through the Archaeological Site, Niki explained in detail about the salient features of the site, like Temple of Hera, Palaestra, Temple of Zeus, Crypte (Official entrance to the stadium), Ancient Stadium and Pheidias Workshop. She told us about the history of the Olympic Flame. She answered to all the questions I asked with lot patience. We learned from her about Greece which we were unaware of.
    Mrs. Niki Vlachou arranged a guide in Athens, Maria for the tour of ancient Agora. She was excellent and her knowledge about the ancient site was remarkable.
    Last but not the least I would like to say that our trip to Athens and Olympia, Greece was 100% successful.
    For the people who would like to visit Greece for vacation, I strongly recommend "OLYMPIA TOURS".

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Niki's knowledge of the history there as well as how she related it to all of us was a perfect balance!
Niki knows her stuff, and she comes across as an intelligent and credible source of verified information. My wife and I used her as our group tour guide in Olympia and then again in Athens, and we were very pleased.
I definitely recommend other cruisers to book independently through Niki Vlachou.