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Private Travel Planning
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Private Travel Planning

As a licensed guide and travel planner for the whole of Greece for many years now, as well as a person who loves traveling and experiencing new destinations and activities I think that I'm the right person to trust for your private travel planning.

We can communicate through a private Zoom call and have the opportunity to meet and share ideas.

Give me your dates and traveling profile and preferences, and I will give you tips, ideas and suggestions on things to see, do and enjoy while you will be visiting Greece. This will save you time, money and the possibility of making choices that won't match your expectations from this trip.

Having planned so many people's vacations and expeditions through Greece, I have selected the best hotels, restaurants, places to visit and experiences to suggest. Additionally I have selected the best guides at each site and museum and can book for you the one that will match your preferences. For example that is more kids friendly or that is more of an expert in academic topics or nature etc.

I can plan your trip helping you avoid crowds, suggesting the right order and time of your visits. Make no compromises and learn all the non-touristy ways to experience Greece after COVID-19 avoiding crowds and tourist traps and create the perfect plan.

In Niki Olympic Tours we also have a team of professional English speaking drivers and can offer you one day or multiple day tours with one of them, with the use of a private car, van or minibus. This way you will travel safely and without having to worry about which road or turn to take or how long it will take you from one place to the other.

We do everything for you and we can send you an itinerary with starting times and the duration of each visit. If you would like to drive yourselves or make your own travel arrangements, you may use this information we will provide you with to make your own bookings.

The cost for the private Zoom call for 1 hour is 50 euro and you will have no obligation to book any services with us. This cost will be deducted from any tours or services if you decide to book with us.

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