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Nafplion to Ancient Nemea and a local winery

Nafplion to Ancient Nemea and a local winery

5 h. tour (Private tour)

(transportation + local guidance in Ancient Nemea + visit a local winery + wine tasting experience + free time)

You will be met by your driver at the port, where you will get off the tender boats. With your private vehicle you will depart from the beautiful city of Nafplion and you will be driven for about one hour to the famous Corinth Canal, passing through the lush valley of Argolis with its many olive groves, lemon and orange trees, before you get on the main highway. On your way you will drive pass the Mycenaean citadel of Tiryns and you will be impressed by its remaining cyclopean walls. Once upon a time there used to be a two story high palace of great importance on top of that hill. Continuing your drive you will also pass from the outside of one of the most ancient cities of Greece, dating back to 6000 BC, the city of Argos. Unfortunately almost nothing remains of it since the modern city was built on top, except for the ancient theater that was carved out of the rock of the Larissa hill. On the height of 300 meters(900 feet) lies the castle of Larissa or Argos, very well preserved and standing out from the distance.

Ancient Nemea was one of the most important sanctuaries dedicated to Zeus in ancient Greece. One of the four panhellenic games were held in its stadium, the Nemean Games, after which the winners would be crowned with wreaths made of celery leaves. The simple yet impressive stadium still remains with its starting and finishing blocks in place, as well as with the crypte totally intact. That was the ancient tunnel through which the athletes were entering in the nude the stadium, symbolizing their purification and their rebirth process. A few meters away from the stadium remains a small part of Ancient Nemea that has been excavated, from which the reconstructed doric columns of the temple of Zeus really stand out. You will hear lot of explanations about the history of the place from your tour guide and you will also be able to explore the small museum that there is.

At the end of your guided tour you will be given some free time to walk around, to photograph the ruins and to take in as much as you can of the history of this place.

As soon as you meet your driver back at the parking area, you will be driven to a famous local winery. Nemea has a long tradition in the production of the Corinthian currants and in wine making since the very ancient times. Excellent qualities of white but mainly red wine, with the most famous being "Agiorgitiko", produced by a local variety of black grapes, can be found there. Once at the winery you will be offered a tour of their settlements and at the end you will enjoy a wine tasting experience.

After the wine tasting experience your driver and private vehicle will be waiting for you, to drive you back to Nafplion and either you can get back to your ship, or if time allows it you can enjoy walking around the old city.

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