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Private local tour of Ancient Messene
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Private local tour of Ancient Messene

Ancient Messene or Ithome is a spectacular archaeological site, a UNESCO monument which combines diverse beauties as it is built on the slopes of mountain Ithome but also at the one side at the Messenian valley. It is a site that is not yet very well known of existing to the majority of the people that travel around Greece exploring great archaeological monuments, absolutely worth it to drive to.

The city was founded on the 4th century  B.C. by Epaminondas, the general from Thebes and became the capital of the Messenian state, obtaining a colossal 9.5 kms long fortification, that still stands on most parts, along with its gates and towers.

Enjoy your guided tour, walking pass the theatre, the Arsinoe fountain, the Agora, the Vouleuterion and one of the most impressive ancient stadiums ever discovered. The restored columns of the gymnasium, the palaestra and the Heroon around the stadium are setting a truly unique scenery. You will need to do a lot of walking, most of it uphill on the way out, but it’s absolutely worth it.

For the guided visit of the site with a licensed tour guide you will need approximately 1.5 hours but you can easily spend one more hour afterwards, taking pictures, but also visiting the small archaeological museum on the top of the road.

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